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Zombie Run 7.7 / 10 (22 Votes)

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Zombie Run

Zombie Run is an adventure game on www.gamegar.com. The object of the game is to help Frank collect the diamonds! Frank wears red coats and black trousers. He runs forwards in a rapid speed, but he doesn?t know how to turn left and turn right. So you should guide Frank through the park by using arrow keys. When collecting all eight diamonds, you can make it to the next level. Watch out for the zombies. These walking corpses come from all directions rapidly for drinking Frank?s blood. Try to avoid being hunted by them. You must round trees in the part for they will block Frank?s action. Frank totally has three lives. Don?t lose them so quickly. There will be more zombies in higher level. You shall help Frank go as far as possible. Do you want to experience the terribleness of the bloodsuckers? Join now!



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