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Wile E Rocket Ride Game

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Wile E Rocket Ride

Wile E Rocket Ride is an arcade game on www.gamegar.com in which you will control wile E ride a rocket to chase the Bibi bird. The background of the game is on a desert and the background will change in different levels. Once the game starts, Wile will ride on a red rocket. And when he is rushing ahead, you can use the up and down arrow keys to control him avoid the flying birds. Those birds can slow down you speed. Besides, don?t fly to low or contact with those stones. They may also decrease your speed. At the bottom of the screen is shown your speed. The faster you get the more colorful the bar become. And your distance meter is shown next to it. Advance to next level by reaching the destination in a limit time. You are total life is 3. You can watch them at the left upper corner. The red rocket stands for it.

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