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Trop ca rend sourd

Trop ca rend sourd is an arcade game on www.gamegar.com in which you are in control of a dancer in a discotheque. You are one of the six teenagers hanging around the gate of a discotheque in an evening. Today is Saturday and your several guys want to enjoy a good time inside this discotheque. But you are all young persons and are not allowed to enter this kind of place of amusement. The manager here is annoyed with your harassment, so he agrees that one of your guys can enter the discotheque and dance for a while. You can click one of the characters to enter it. The lights inside is shining and colorful. You must be careful and avoid being struck by sound waves that is released from sound boxes. Once you are struck by the music wave, your health will decrease. And when you lose all your health, the game is over. Are you clear? Enjoy yourself and good luck!

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