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Swamp Escape

Swamp Escape is an adventure game on www.gamegar.com in which your main task is to get to the other side of the swamp. Be very careful about where you can jump with your feet dry and predict where another refuge in the form of a water lily or other plants will appear. To make it more difficult, starting with the second level, there is going to be a TOAD after you with a single mission to eat you. Not enough? You also have to be aware of CROCODILES and their mouths that will eat everything that comes in their way. If you see their teeth you should retreat otherwise they will serve as place of rest. In higher levels you can look forward to bigger places where you can take the advantage of little islands where you can stand as long as you like. To improve your score or get new lives you should pick up bonuses that appear from time to time, like a diamond or a heart. If you hit a COAL, your score will decrease. If you pick up a BANSHEE, it will take one life off. Question mark is a random bonus, and you can try your luck. There are altogether 25 uneasy levels. Good luck!

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