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Jackie Chan Adventures Game

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Jackie Chan Adventures

Valmont, Jackie Chan and Jackie Chan in yiğenini misses his family did not like at all for bulaşanlardan Valmont'u goes after him to find and the adventure begins. Jackie Chan Valmont'u direct neighborhood to find china. Be aware, however, ninjalara shadow on the road, they are everywhere, constantly bulaşacaklar you, all clean, clean dövmelisiniz:)

How to play this game

Jackie Chan moved the cursor keys, "z" punch, "x" in the kick. Space to throw the key block from where the men can do or can get some of the objects. Arrow keys z, x, with a combination of keys can also make different movements. For example, down with "z" to the bottom if you press the punch down, and "x" trip up, with an "x" Tekman flying up and down and "z" such as the uppercut ... To see all the movements of Jackie Chan

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