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Gorillaz Groove Session Game

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Gorillaz Groove Session

Gorillaz Groove Session is a skill game on www.gamegar.com in which you will compete dancing with a gorilla. You are in a shiny stage and will be accompanied at the drum by a band. The gorilla will perform a series of four moves to the first four drum beats. When the light shines on you, you must repeat the computer?s moves to the next four drum beats. The colors of the lights on the panel indicate the quality of your performance. Green light means a perfect move. Yellow means an early move. Orange means a late move, and red means a miss or incorrect move. You can select from different characters, a cool guy, a proud guy, and a wild guy. The gorilla will have an excellent dancing. He is laughing at you. Yes, you can not lose, guy. Winning this stupid gorilla is an easy thing. You should prove this point. Go.

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