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Frozen Frenzy 8.1 / 10 (22 Votes)

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Frozen Frenzy

Frozen Frenzy is a skill game on www.gamegar.com in which you open an ice cream shop. It is summertime and everyone in the community wants your delicious ice cream. You can save the neighborhood from the summer heat wave by delivering ice cream to all the kids. You can steer your truck by using the arrow keys and press the space bar to stop your truck. Keep an eye on your stock because you will need to visit the depot when you run out of ice cream. Deliver 100 cones in just two minutes to advance to the next level. There are 3 levels in all. You may encounter some road constructions on your way which blocks your move. You may also see several hungry kids in the pool which will cost some ice creams. Many groups of children are waiting for you in front of their houses. Be careful and don?t miss any one of them. Are you ready? Set out now.



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