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Dynasty Warrior 7.7 / 10 (22 Votes)

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Dynasty Warrior

Dynasty Warrior is a fighting game on www.gamegar.com in which you act as the hero in three kingdoms, GuanYu; your mission is to beat LiDian in FuWangPo. Before you play, check the control instructions for rough understanding of the game, you can use key W to move upward, use S to move downward, A to go left and D to right. Use key J for fighting and K to jump, press U to illustrate/hide the menu, key I to use props, space-key to stop/restart the game, you can also change the control keys by clicking on the blank region. Just for your pleasure. Follow the arrows to get the outstation of LiDian, collect the bonus points with different functions along the road to keep the fighter?s energy. If you run out your energy in half way, the game is over.



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