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Doctor DDD

Doctor DDD is a risky shoting game on www.flash-game.com. Doctor Do-Did-Done owns a secret formula of a secret weapon. He was captured by enemy to their camp. Your mission is to attack enemy?s camp and destroy them, by which Doctor Do-Did-Done will be saved as well as the secret formula. You can choose to play with computer or to have a two players in the game. You will be attacker if you play with computer while the computer is defender. But the attacker and defender is random assignment by computer if you choose have two players in the game. There?re 3 levels in the game, and the mission of attacker is going to protect the doctor and which of defender is to kill him in every level. Whatever you?re, you have to achieve your aim before the 100 bullets is used out. Otherwise you will lose the game. When you start a game, you can see a sight for aiming the enemy. Notice that don?t shoot Doctor if you?re attacker. There?re two columns on the top of the game window for counting the bullets have been used. The left one is for defender and the right for attacker. Are you ready to join the fighting for Doctor DDD?



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