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7up Basketbots Game

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7up Basketbots

7up Basketbots is a sport game on www.gamegar.com in which you will control character to score as many points as you can before the time expires. Once the game starts, there is a basketry front of you. There are 7 positions on the court has different point value. And at the right side of the screen is a shot meter. Press and hold the space bar. When the ball reaches the green area, you can release the bar to shoot. Higher point values shrink the green target area on the shot meter. And you can move your character to different spot court by using the left and right arrow keys. Watch the streak indicator on the scoreboard. After you have made two shots in a row, every third made shot is a money ball. And the basketball at the shot meter will become green. This ball is worth double points. And the game ends if you do not score at least 20 points in any round.

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